Endoscopic video camera repair service

You can be assure that all cameras undergo a rigorous inspection that includes leak testing, image quality and electrical safety. All video camera repairs are completed with OEM components of the highest quality. Common repairs include replacement of the cable and the video connector assembly. All adhesives and seals used are approved to withstand current cleaning solutions and processes. Common problems that occur with cameras include a hole or cut in the cable, cloudy or foggy image, color blotches in the image, and unable to while balance. One repair source for most major manufactures Highest quality OEM equivalent components Detailed evaluation reports Free estimates Cost savings up to 50% over OEM pricing Rapid turnaround from time of approval (3 to 5 days) 6 month warranty on components and workmanship

Common Minor camera repairs (1 to 3 days)

  • Replace soaking cap
  • Replace button covers
  • Replace front seal
  • Coupler adjustment

Common Major camera repairs (3 to 5 days)

  • Cable replacement
  • Connector assembly replacement
  • Replace circuit board
  • Realign prism