Here at Malin Endoscopy our technicians use only the highest quality German components that meet or exceed OEM specifications

  • We offer complete, no cost service evaluation report.
  • Cost savings up to 50% over OEM pricing.
  • 6 month warranty on parts and workmanship.
  • Rapid turnaround from the time of approval. (3 to 5 days)
  • IF required, complete rebuild to OEM standards.
  • All repairs receive a QC shock and function test before returning to the customer.

Rigid scopes we repair:

  • Arthroscopes, Cystoscopes, Laparoscopes
  • Sinus scopes, Ureteroscopes, Small joint scopes

Minor repairs 1-3 days turnaround

  • Clean / polish distal window
  • Adjust focus
  • Clean lens and optics

Major repairs 3-7 days turnaround

  • Replace exterior tubing
  • Replace light fiber bundle
  • Replace objective lens assembly
  • Replace rod lens
  • Complete rebuild includes exterior tubing, light guide fiber bundle, objective lens assembly and up to 3 rod lens